School Time is Lab Time
and we are here to help you do it safely!

By its very nature, skilled trades Career Technical Education (CTE) is complex. Now, with COVID-19 impacting everything we do, it has become more difficult than ever. That’s why CCAR and NCCER, with support from Electude, have partnered to create a set of guidelines and resources to deliver skilled trades education in a way that is safe and effective for both instructors and students.

We have created a set of guidelines to assist in providing a safe lab experience for students and instructors, a recommended shop supply list, a participant acknowledgement statement, and a daily participant questionnaire. Also, there are additional resources specific for automotive classes and construction.

While it’s a vastly different world than this time last year, we’ve got you covered.

Skilled Trades Guidelines

COVID19 Skilled Trades Guidelines
COVID19 Skilled Trades Guidelines References

Recommended Supplies & Digital Toolkit

COVID19 Recommended Supplies List
COVID19 Lab | Digital Toolkit

Participant Documents

Questionnaire & Acknowledgement

COVID19 Skilled Trades Participant Questionnaire
COVID19 Skilled Trades Lab Process Acknowledgement

COVID19 Safety Course

offered by CCAR & Electude
Online COVID-19 Safety courses perfect for skilled trades education. These courses come in two versions:
COVID-19 Safety for Automotive & COVID-19 Safety for Career and Technical Education
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Automotive Lab Guidelines
Automotive Touch Point Cleaning Checklist


Dewalt | Tool Cleaning Video
Virtual Training Resources